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You've heard that "stress causes disease."

But what do we do about that?

In this workshop, you'll learn from Chinese Medicine's vast body of wisdom about:

  • a new way of looking at "stress" and "stress relief"

  • how different emotions affect the body differently

  • how our physical health affects our emotions

Plus practical techniques:

  • self-acupressure massage

  • and qigong techniques

for moving the stagnation caused by emotional stress.

In this 90-minute workshop, we focus on the Spring / Wood Element emotion of anger, and its qualities of vision and purpose, and the Autumn / Metal Element emotion of grief, and its qualities of discernment and radiance.

Your body has channels and pathways, like a landscape, and a cycling breath of phases, like the seasons.

We function best when we have full, flexible, free flow.

How do we experience flow in our emotions about not only our own lives, but what's happening in the world?

And how can our emotions about what's happening in the world help us to serve and make change?

In this workshop, you'll also get a taste of the spiral of The Work that Reconnects, Joanna Macy's group practices that help us meet these times with full aliveness.

As you watch the workshop, you’ll want some space to move around, and your journal, the printable handout, or another way to do some writing.


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"...grateful for the practices..."

"The wisdom you shared was deeply helpful and fascinating. The information about the energies made so much sense, and I am grateful for the practices you taught us. As a death doula, I’m always looking to deepen my understanding of grief and how it affects the body. Your information about how to move stagnant energy was incredibly helpful as I guide others through their grief process."

- Leah N., Novelist & Death Doula, Georgia

"...being an emotional, physical, and spiritual being..."

"This has been a huge gift. It's given me a lens to see myself, my life, my body that's more than just accepting of it all, but honoring, welcoming and enjoying the full range of life, of being an emotional, physical, and spiritual being. Thank you, Leilani, for your leadership, and wisdom."

- Gwenn R., Physician, Connecticut

"...really shifts energy..."

"A lot has shifted in my awareness around the presence of the elements within me. I am often matching my emotions to the elements and going back to figure out what the connections are. The qigong has been huge for me. Practicing qigong for individual elements as needed really shifts energy for me."

- Haylee H., Hospitality Small Business Owner, Utah

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Hi, I'm Leilani.

I'm an acupuncturist, herbalist, dreamworker, and lover of life on Earth.

My offerings are rooted in the poetic science of Classical Chinese Medicine, the practices of qigong and martial arts, Joanna Macy's "Work that Reconnects," and the wisdom of our dreams. These practices have seen me through many kinds of physical and emotional difficulty. They make it possible for me to meet these times with active hope - and to show up feeling good. It would be my honor and my joy to experience this with you.

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