A Better Night's Sleep at Your Fingertips

In this 90-minute workshop, you'll learn a tool to support you if you're:

  • having trouble falling asleep
  • sleeping lightly
  • waking up frequently at night
  • having trouble falling back asleep
  • still feeling tired when you wake up in the morning


  • longing to get better rest and wake up feeling restored and recharged

You'll be learning:

  • 8 self-massage acupressure points to help yourself fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up rested

  • a brief qigong practice for clearing emotional stagnation before sleep (the one thing I do for myself every night - even when I'm to tired to do anything)

  • and how + why to fall in love with sleep, according to Chinese Medicine wisdom

The final 25 minutes of this workshop was devoted to Q&A. You'll hear answers to questions about waking up at specific times; racing thoughts; abdominal discomfort; and more.

You'll walk away with a self-care routine you can use regularly to promote your restorative sleep, AND knowledge of the points you can use for quick support.

You'll also receive:

  • a printable handout with illustrations of all the points

  • a downloadable audio with a guided practice, so you can hear me walk you through this as many times as you want

  • lifetime access to the workshop recording + the Comments section to ask me any questions that come up as you integrate this into your life

"...best sleep I've had in years..."

"I'd had weeks of insomnia before this workshop. As soon as I started using the techniques, I slept well for more than two weeks in a row! (Lots of dreaming...) Then, my sleep was great for a while, even without the nightly practices. When my sleep got thrown off, I started the bedtime acupressure and qigong again, and I'm back to sleeping well. I love knowing how to do this!"


Jenny H., Minnesota

(Acupressure for Restorative Sleep)

"...gentle, grounded way..."

"I took Acupressure for People with Anxiety almost a year ago and find it very useful. Leilani has such a gentle grounded way, which comes across even on the internet. I use the full routine sometimes, but not every day. I particularly like the sleep points, which I find quite powerful. I often use the points when I'm in a difficult situation, like waiting at the dentist."

Vicki S., Aberdeenshire, Scotland

(Acupressure for People with Anxiety)

"...best sleep I've had in years..."

"Thank you for being so thoughtful and thorough. Last night I tried the qigong and the 3 top acupressure spots, and avoided late night snacking and screen time. I slept much better. I woke up once, but then went back to sleep for an even longer stretch. I think it was the best sleep I've had in years!"

- Rudi B., Irvine, CA

(Acupressure for Restorative Sleep)

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I endured poor sleep for years.

I slept poorly because I stayed up too late; because I was sleeping lightly, on mama-alert for the sounds of my babies; because I went to bed stressed; because I had to wake up too early...

But still, I could have been much more well-rested.

We can get to a point where we believe it's normal to feel tired all the time.

Is this familiar? "How are you?" "Good... Tired, but good."

Or how about, "I'm so tired - why can't I just fall asleep?"

Or, "I just slept for 9 hours. Why am I still tired?"

The truth is, it's possible to get deep, restful sleep, even when the conditions aren't ideal. Our bodies are made to

  • clear stagnation
  • fall asleep easily
  • stay asleep
  • and wake up restored.

If we remove the blockages and support healthy function, we sleep so much better.

Once I started prioritizing restorative sleep, everything changed for me.

My mood, my physical health, my mental clarity, my capacity to take care of my family and serve my patients.

I always prioritize healthy sleep for my patients.

Poor sleep -- as you well know if you don't sleep well -- makes everything harder.

And good sleep helps everything.

Hi, I'm Leilani.

and I would love to help you sleep better. Giving you a natural, empowering tool to find relief and stay well - that's my thing.

I'm a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist in the high mountain desert of southern Utah. Every day, I help people with my own hands (and needles), AND by teaching them to support their own well-being. I help people understand how to heal through food, practice therapeutic exercise, dive deep into their dreams, and use self-massage with acupressure.

As an acupuncturist, I can (and frequently do) put needles in myself. But even for me, acupressure is much more straightforward to work into my day.

I can do it for 1 minute, or 20 minutes.

All I need is my hands.

I turn to acupressure every day, whether to ease a headache, relieve allergy symptoms, or prepare for restful sleep.

When I'm not doing acupuncture or acupressure on myself or someone else, I'm usually playing music, working on my homestead-in-process, exploring the wilderness, or living some other part of the wild and wonderful thing called motherhood.

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