I'd be thrilled to have YOU join The Dreamers' Den.

I truly mean that.

Every. Single. Person. Who joins a circle of dreamworkers brings their own unique voice and perspective.

Over and over, ONE idea, question, or "that reminds me of..." comment unlocks a whole new dimension of a dream.

  • Inside the Den, the members-only discussion forum is open 24/7. Here you can post dreams of your own and chime in on community members' dreams - any time, any day.
  • Once a month, I offer you a prompt or invitation for engaging with your dreams, and with each other. You can take me up on the invitation with every dream that month, or only at the moment(s) it feels right.
  • I'll send you a bonus audio recording every month (not published on my podcast). Some are from me, some from guest teachers. You'll listen to a deep dive on a specific dream symbol or dreamwork approach, and/or be offered a guided practice.
  • We have a monthly live online dream group call, diving deep together face to face, in real time. We'll explore the month's invitation; we'll work one person's dream in depth; and we'll break out into small groups where you connect more intimately with 2-4 other dreamers.
  • In the final week of the month, you're invited to share your dream-inspired actions, whether those be visual art you created, a song you were prompted to listen to, a change you made, a friend you called... This is a chance to witness and encourage the conversation between our waking lives and our dreams.

Plus, as a member, you'll have a members-only price for one-on-one dreamwork coaching calls with me, and 50% off ticket prices for all live online events hosted by The Dreamers' Den.

Into it?

Oh good. We've been waiting for you.

"...a powerful part of my inner life..."

I have been a dream worker for 13 years, and it is a powerful part of my inner life. Looking at dreams through the 5 element theory of Chinese medicine has opened up a whole new world of understanding for me.

- Jessica F.

"...others' dreams resonate in my life..."

My time in the group yesterday was healing and sweet, and it opened to one of the loveliest days I have enjoyed since… I can’t remember. Leilani's gentle guidance gave us a safe place to be intimate and creative. Surprisingly, her knowledge of Chinese medicine (colors and energies) made the process of exploring others’ dreams resonate in my life as well.

- Joline E.

"...my dreams started coming more often..."

My dreams needed a container, and other people. After joining the membership, my dreams started coming much more often, and much more memorably.

- Natanya A.

Inside the Den:

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Monthly Membership - Sliding Scale (Low)

I want to keep this community accessible to you. If $16/month is the contribution that makes your membership possible, please select this one. Thank you for bringing your dreams and your voice.


Monthly Membership - Sliding Scale (Standard)

The standard contribution for membership. Please select this one if it's within your financial means. Thank you for being here!


Monthly Membership - Sliding Scale (High)

If you have the financial resources to join at this amount, you will help keep the doors open to all community members. Thank you for your presence and your support!


  • What if I don't have much time for this?

Give as much time as you choose. There's no pressure to engage any more often than you want to. You can come and go. The intensity of dreams (and how much time we want to dedicate to them) naturally ebbs and flows.

We'll keep a steady current going in the community, for whenever the moment is right for you to jump in.

Even a few minutes with last night's dream is a gift. It's a gift to the dream, to the unseen, and to yourself.

  • What if I don't have anything profound to say?

You say what you do have to say!

And so do I.

I don't place any expectation on myself to say something "profound." Sometimes, what I say strikes a deep chord for someone, but not always.

The beauty of working dreams in a group is that we each share whatever strikes us about the dream. Among these reflections from multiple angles, the dreamer can see their own meaning.

Whatever you have to say is valuable. As you grow more fluent in the language of dreams, your perspective will widen.

  • What if I change my mind?

This is a monthly membership, so you can cancel at any time. If you decide within the first 30 days that this isn't right for you, I'll refund you for that first month.

I ask that you give this a try by participating in at least one live call, or posting once in the Facebook forum. If you're not into it, simply email me to request a refund within the first 30 days.

Have another question? Contact me by clicking here and I'll get right back to you.

All people are welcome in The Dreamers' Den.

All genders, races, ages, backgrounds, spiritualities, sexualities, nationalities, and beyond. I fully support each of you flourishing in your wholeness.

All topics are welcome here, too. You’ll never hear me say, “Don’t bring that up, it’s too political.” Our dreams don’t leave anything out. If it's coming up in your dreams and it matters to you, let’s engage with it.

The only requirement is this: we gather in the spirit of deep respect and mutual support toward healing, growth, connection and inspiration. I am committed to protecting this as a safe space for each of you.

A dreamer’s beliefs, opinions, and lifestyle will never be up for “debate.” Everything will, though, be up for exploration, in the service of deeper understanding, as long as the dreamer wants to go there.

Group projective dreamwork can be a profound psychospiritual practice of deep listening, that opens our minds and grows our compassion.

Diversity is essential, so we can receive projections on our dreams that we never would have considered from our own life experiences.

My personal lenses will often be the cosmology of Classical Chinese Medicine, opening to creative inspiration, and the Great Turning of human society toward living in a life-sustaining way on our planet.

All that being said, most of our conversations are not too heavy or hard. It’s super fun to talk dreams and laugh and get those “ah-ha” goosebumps together.

If you are drawn to explore dreamwork with us, we'd love to have you in the community! If not, I trust you’ll find the right place to support you in your health and wholeness.